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What's it all about?

Methods and properties can be turned into executable commands that are accessible directly within the editor, and within your application. Enhance your workflow in the editor, and debug your games with ease.

Enter your first command

Try it out immediately after importing, by pressing F1 in the editor.
The command field will show up in the console window, where you can type in commands. Try inputting log "Hello World!".

Now try to enter play-mode and press F1 in-game. The command field should show up and function in the exact same way. Exclusive runtime commands should also be available now, such as screen.fps. For a full list of built-in commands, see the default commands section.


Shortcuts can be changed for both the editor and runtime command field. Navigate to project settings to set them to your liking. You can also type open.settings in the command field, to quickly open the settings window.