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Dynamic Commands

If you want even more control over your commands, they can also be added and removed at runtime by accessing the CommandExecutor class directly.

Adding commands at runtime

Any delegate can be turned into a command using CommandExecutor.AddCommand. The method simply requires a name for the command, along with a delegate.

private void Start()
// The method doesn't return anything, so we'll create an Action in this case.
CommandExecutor.AddCommand("hello", new Action<string>(Hello));

private void Hello(string message)

Removing commands at runtime

Commands can also be removed at runtime. Even those that were created using the [Command] attribute. To do so, use CommandExecutor.RemoveCommand. The example below shows a great way to keep the player engaged for longer.


If you've removed commands that were made using the [Command] attribute, such as any built-in command, you can restore all of them with CommandExecutor.Scan.